Northern VA Dog Training

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In order to keep dogs' unwanted behavior to a minimum (like pulling on the leash, biting, chewing, running recklessly around the house, etc.), they need to exert their energy, physically and/or mentally. Once you initiate obedience training, you begin to stimulate their minds forcing them to think about what you're asking them to do (which is one of the things ALL dogs need in order to stay healthy). In return, they become better companions.

Unity K9 specializes in dog obedience training; we conduct in-home training sessions; offer consultations at no charge; conduct training with high distraction (depending on which training package you choose); and more! At the end of each training session, we teach you when, where, and how to enforce what your dog has learned.  Click here to view our services.

We absolutely love working with dogs and get great satisfaction when we help families become more in-tuned with their dogs. Take a look at what some of our previous clients had to say.



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