About Us


Unity K9 is a veteran owned and operated canine training business located in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area.  Owner and head trainer, Nick, is a United States Army combat veteran with multiple deployments to various danger zones.  While deployed, he immediately fell in love with dog training as he personally witnessed numerous lives saved by the well trained dogs.

Nick was first introduced to dogs at the age of 2 and began training his own dogs at the age of 10.  After he joined the military, he began to study dog behavior which led him into specialized dog training.  After his last combat tour, he decided to separate from the military and start sharing his gift of K9 training with the world and thus, Unity K9 was created.

In addition to his own training, Nick possesses a giving nature which drives him to share his knowledge with others. Nick is considered a mentor by many of his employees and colleagues. Nick is pictured on the left with his personal dog, Unity K9’s dutch-shepherd mascot, Skylar!

Training Staff

Our UK9 training staff are all certified dog trainers. (Certification, while not mandatory, does however imply that our trainers take their profession seriously and are dedicated to continuing their professional growth and education for the benefit of our human and canine clients.)


In addition, to serving our human and dog clients, the Unity K9 Team is a big part of the Northern Virginia community.  We are constantly seeking professional development through educational books, schools, seminars, webinars, etc. in order to maintain high-quality dog training knowledge, skills, and abilities.

We are proud sponsors of:

  • the Potomac Nationals

  • the Prince William County K9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park


We are also loyal members of:

  • the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

  • the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

  • the International Association of Canine Professionals