Natural Disaster Dog Safety

“PAWS” what you’re doing and take a look at different ways you can prepare for a natural disaster.

  • As of 2016, more than 30 states have laws or emergency operation plans that provide for the evacuation, rescue, and recovery of animals in the event of a disaster. Take a look at this map to see where your state stands.

  • Outline a detailed evacuation plan that includes your family pets and any other livestock in your household. Since there are no current laws that requires hotels to accommodate pets during a natural disaster, you have to research pet friendly hotels. You can also reach out to friends and family that will allow your pets to stay.

  • Before getting on the road to safety ensure you grab the essentials including enough food and water (can opener if necessary), bowls, their leash, their collar, their carriers or kennels, and any medication and updated medical records secured in a air-tight water-proof bag. If you happen to see standing water or trees on the road it is recommended to try a different route.

  • If you decide to stay in and ride it out, ensure you have the above listed essentials readily available and that you have a place to stay in case you do have to evacuate.

  • Remain calm at all times! Our pets can sense when we’re stressed so try not to be.

  • Practice all of the above - nothing beats regular practice of any plan.

  • Stay informed! Here’s the link for Emergency Alerts and here’s the direct link for the National Capital Region.

  • Create a Family Emergency Communication Plan and Family Communication Plan

  • Also, check out

Whatever you do, please stay safe!