Methods of Training

Unity K9 offers two different training methods:

  • Our Reward-Based Training method works best for our younger puppy clients (younger than 5 months). We use marker (clicker) training and reward-based techniques.

  • Our Combined Training method is preferred for our dog clients 5 months or older. Initial training takes place using reward-based techniques. Follow-on corrections are used with appropriate applications. Corrections are only given once the command is completely understood.



One of our dog trainers will come to your home and will evaluate your dog's drive and temperament.  We'll discuss the preferred method of training and answer any questions you have.  Our consultations are complimentary and typically last 30-45 minutes.

Obedience programs & prices

Starter Obedience Program - 

One 1-Hour Session:  We train your dog to learn one behavior of your choice (listed below).

$100 for Reward-Based Training // $300 for Combined Training

Basic Obedience Program -

Four 1-Hour Sessions:  We train your dog to learn four behaviors of your choice.

$380 for Reward-Based Training // $600 for Combined Training

Advanced Obedience Program -

Seven 1-Hour Sessions:  We train your dog to learn all seven behaviors.

$630 for Reward-Based Training // $875 for Combined Training

All 1-hour sessions are conducted at owner's location.  We teach your dog the behaviors first and then teach you how to continue the training.  You can add additional commands to the One 1-Hour Session Package and the Four 1-Hour Sessions Package ($100 for reward-based training // $115 for combined training).

Training Behaviors

  • COME - This is the recall command where your dog will come to you upon command. Perfect for when you're outside and it's time to go.

  • SIT - Your dog will sit upon command. This is mainly used when you open the door and don't want them running outside or back inside.

  • DOWN - Your dog will lie down upon command.

  • OUT - Your dog will drop anything they have in their mouth. Used when playing fetch or when they have something in their mouth they shouldn't have.

  • OFF - Your dog will get off anything. For example, the couch, the kitchen counter top, or people.

  • PLACE - Your dog will jump or step on anything you point to. This works wonders when it's time to get your dog's weight at the vet.

  • LOOSE LEASH WALK - Your dog will walk next to you without pulling on the leash. Great for those who want to enjoy a nice stroll around the neighborhood.


End of Training Hand-Over

At the end of the training session, we provide detailed handling instructions on how to continue obedience training.  We go over trial runs where you are one-on-one with your dog giving the commands; that's where we ensure everything is done properly.  We teach you when, where, and how to use each command.  The hand-over typically lasts about an hour or so as we try to make sure we don't leave with a question unanswered. 


Akc cgc evaluations

We have American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Approved Evaluators on staff who are able to administer the CGC test which includes:

  • accepting a friendly stranger

  • sitting politely for petting

  • appearance and grooming

  • walking on a loose lead

  • walking through a crowd

  • sit and down on command

  • coming when called

  • reaction to another dog

  • reaction to distraction

  • supervised separation

Official AKC CGC title, listed on dog's title record, may list "CGC" after dog's name.  Includes certificate.  [Must have a number of 1 of 3 types to get the title (AKC number, PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) number, or AKC Canine Partners number].  $35

Canine Good Citizen Certificate only (not the official title).  $35

* All dogs, including purebreds and mixed breeds, can get an AKC Canine Partners number.  To apply, go to, click "Owners," then click "AKC Canine Good Citizen," then click "About CGC."  Link is near top of their page. 

Puppy training evaluations

We provide recommendations as to what food is good for your puppy, how to set ground rules, and proper crate training techniques to name a few.  We also begin familiarizing them with training obedience commands.  Evaluations typically last 30-45 minutes at no charge.

New dog consultation

Many people purchase or rescue dogs without conducting any background research on the breed or the dog's bloodline.  They later learn their dog is not what they expected.  We offer consultations to help you decide which breed/personality is right for you depending on your lifestyle and what you're looking for.  So, before getting your new puppy/dog from a breeder or rescue, consider contacting us.  Consultations typically last 30-45 minutes at no charge. 

*We offer special pricing to our brothers and sisters in arms of all military branches, to include: Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, Retirees, and Veterans. Just show us your ID card.

*Prices subject to change*