Obedience-trained dogs have easier lives (and are easier to live with) than their untrained peers.  You're more inclined to take your dog with you to public places if they know how to walk beside you without pulling on the leash, sit or lie quietly when asked, or come when they're called. 

Take a look at what some of our previous clients had to say!

Unity K9 has provided our rottweiler puppy, Balthazar, with incredible service and support! From our first lesson with Nick, I saw an immediate transformation in my dog’s behavior and improved upon my own ability to establish expectations with him. I highly recommend Unity K9! Each lesson has been worth it!
— Sara

I was looking for a good dog trainer that would work with positive reinforcement, and unityK9 popped up on my fb wall. I wrote Nick and he was all in to help us train our Malinois and Doberman.
Nick came home to us, to meet the craziness of dogs.
We decided to do the 6 days intensive training with both dogs and it have paid off the best gift was yesterday when we took our Malinois out with us and we could let our 9 year old son walk her and train her not one time did she pull on the leash. She was very obedient.
Our Doberman is doing such a good job too.
Nick and his co trainer are two very competent trainers that I will give my best recommendations.
I told Nick to make his program perfect he need to teach his clients to become good dog handlers too so both dog and human can have a good relationship:))
— Siv

Amazing job! These guys were absolute professionals. I signed up for the week long package and it was well worth the money. Every time I take him out in public now, people are amazed at how well he behaves - and at least one person asks who trained him (every single time). I highly recommend Unity K9.
— Clark

When we first got Spirit I wasn’t sure how we were going to handle our 1 year old headstrong Pitsky. I searched online and after reading positive reviews from other customers we gave Unity K9 a call. Spirit was a different dog after the first lesson! We completed 4 lessons and I’m so pleased with the changes in Spirit’s behavior. Our trainer was Nick and he’s just wonderful with Spirit and very patient. He made sure we understood every aspect of the training and that we were comfortable proceeding with the training on our own. I highly recommend Unity K9 you won’t be disappointed.
— Michelle

Best Money I Ever Spent

You know your dog is trained well when the two primary comments from total strangers are: “That’s a well trained dog” and “Ha, I bet that’s the best money you’ve ever spent”. Thunder is a 1 yr old Mastador (half English Mastiff half Labrador). Awesome breed! However, the breed does combine two of the top three challenges: energy of a Lab and size of a small school bus. Thunder was 90 pounds before his first birthday. The third issue is aggression. However, aggression is not a concern with either of the two parent breeds, nor was it a concern with Thunder.

All that said, I knew it would be best to train Thunder early. Even as early as 6 months old, he would drag my wife down the block during walks. I also have two small children in the house. I figured it was best to go to professionals to begin his training. Unity K9 came highly recommended from three separate sets of friends. I needed Unity K9 to teach him loose leash walking (i.e no pulling). My hope was to get Thunder to walk totally off the leash during his walks, or even jogs with me.

In one week’s time I was not only satisfied with the results of the training, I was blown away. No one could believe he learned so much so soon. “He’s a different dog” was the immediate response from everyone who knew him before. When Thunder finished his training with Unity K9, he not only walked totally off leash, but performed the following commands like a show dog: Heel, Down, Place, Break, and Off.

If Unity K9 was able to accomplish all this in one week, I wonder what they would be able to do with Thunder given a little more time, the keys to the car, and his own toilet.

— Jason

Tank is my bull mastiff. He is a great dog but was having a little problem with other dogs. He would always wine that he wanted to play but wasn’t very good with them. Barking and such. Nick has worked with Tank and me and Tank is so much better and Im more relaxed. Tank just Loves Nick
— Donna

Before this experience there was a part of me that wanted to get rid of my dog. We got him from the shelter and he wouldn’t listen and didn’t care to learn. He was constantly doing things he shouldn’t like eating socks, chasing the cat, etc... He was even slightly dog aggressive. We tried training him through a pet store but it still didn’t fix his behavioral problems. After working with Trainer Nick for one day Charlie has become better mannered . He now listens to the commands given and does what he is told. We continue to work with Nick to enhance Charlie’s obedience training, we are hoping we can eventually let him roam off leash with out getting distracted and running away.
— Noah

Great experience with Unity K9! They took my 5 month old Mastiff for only a few days and I saw immediate results. I have not had her on the leash since and she does amazing. Highly recommended.
— Nick

Nick, the K9 Trainer, does a Great Job!! We adopted a small Staffordshire Terrier this past March. She is sweet and loves everyone; however, she looks intimidating. Some of our adult friends, and children were nervous around her. Nick is very patient and never was frustrated with me or my dog. Nick trained me and our sweet dog. The results, two nights ago I had 4 adults over and they commented how well trained she was! My daughters friends come over and they give her commands, sit and down and she obeys! The kids want our dog to play with them now!! I will still work with Nick because I want to get to the stage where my dog comes to me no matter what’s going on, inside or outside the house. I feel Nick loves my dog as much as I do. I trust Unity K9 and do recommend them.
— Sharon

Our English Bulldog puppy Cooper (7 months) was very stubborn when it came to training. Sending him to Unity K-9 6 day Boot Camp completely changed his behavior. He is now excellent to take on walks, and now listens to all commands given to him. (Sit, Down, Come, Out, Off, Place) His and our favorite command/favorite trick is “place.” We love showing off his hops as he jumps onto high ledges many think he could not reach. It is great having a trained pup we feel comfortable taking him anywhere. Unity K-9 Unity was a fantastic find! Thanks for everything!
— Adam & Erin

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